Gene Ligotti's historical novels are a trilogy of interesting characters of the American Revolution.

THE YOUNGEST PATRIOT ... The story of the British occupation of Long Island.  

      The Youngest Patriot is the story of coming of age of a young boy set against the turmoil of the American Revolution during the seven year British occupation of Long Island. Elijah Churchill defies his father and runs away to join Washington's Continental Army at the age of thirteen. The glory and excitement of the American Revolution, from the battle of Brooklyn Heights, to Washington's trimphant march into New York City, is seen through the eyes of a boy as he grows into manhood. Ride with Elijah as he becomes a dragoon in Major Benjamin Tallmadge's regiment. Feel his excitement as he crosses the 'Devil's Belt' with the Whaleboal Warriors. Sense his pride as he accepts the first Purple Heart, designed and awarded by General George Washington.

     Professional Review: "People who hated boring history classes should read The Youngest Patriot where history comes alive in all its glory and reality. Greatest attribute of this book, the story of a young boy in American Revolution, is that Gene Ligotti writes with historical accuracy. The Youngest Patriot is not only an exciting read, but a learning experience. This book should be required reading in American History classes." ... Engin M. Uralman, Professor of American History - United States Navy Educational Consultation

     Professional Review: "This is a fine book. Gene ligotti uses beautiful language to tell the story of Elijah Churchill, recipient of the first Purple Heart. It is a book that will appeal to ... all readers" The Writer's Digest



                         ... Southern Gentleman of the American Revolution

     Swamp Fox is the story of a southern revolutionary hero. Francis Marion was a lawyer and a successful plantation owner in South Carolina. He was no longer a young man in 1776. Marion had served with distinction in the South Carolina militia during the Indian uprisings years before. And yet when his country needed him he answered the call and took up his old position as a major in the militia.

     The British were sending a fleet of warships against Charles Town and he had volunteered to defend the city. The story, Swamp Fox, begins as Francis constructs a fortress using the only materials available ... palmetto trees and sand. Even his superiors believe any attempt at defense is futile, but Francis perseveres. The defense of the city is successful, Marion is elevated to the rank of colonel, and for a period of time the war doesn't seem to impact the South. But the British attack again and in the South all American officers are either killed or captured ... except Francis Marion. He then rallies southern freedom fighters and he repeatedly strikes the enemy and escapes into the dangerous southern swamps only to emerge and strike once again.

     Professional Review:

     "The movie 'Patriot' is a Hollywood attempt to depict the Revolutionary War in the South, but as expected the movie distorts the truth. Readers who want the real story, and discover the real 'Ghost' who is the famous Southem Guerilla leader Francis Marion, will find the book, Swamp Fox by Gene Ligotti, a great read. This is the story of what really happened in the South during the most critical period in the struggle against the British."  .... Engin M. Uralman, Professor of History United States Navy Educational Consultant


DARK EAGLE (Six Crucial Years in the life of Benedict Arnold)

     He was our greatest patriot and most beloved hero and today his name is synonymous with treason. What caused such a complete turnabout? What factors could radically change a man's heart and soul? This is that story. The story of the years that made Benedict Arnold a revered patriot-hero and those that turned him into a despised traitor.

     Professional Review: "The very first paragraph of Dark Eagle by Gene Ligotti will grab the reader's interest. The name Benedict Arnold is always associated with infamy in American History. Yet, could it have been at all possible for George Washington to turn the tide against the British without the brilliant strategist and field general, Benedict Arnold? Read the book and discover the real truth." ... Engin M. Uralman, Professor of American History - United States Navy Educational Consultant

     Professional Review: "This book brings history out of the dust of history books and into vivid life. (We really don't know much about the man history calls a traitor.) Benedict and the other historical characters (like Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys) give us a perpective on the nations' founding that American history books never taught.

     The battle scenes are exceptionally well done, and have an immediacy to them that brings us right into the center of battle. The politics surrounding Arnold's relationship with George Washington are especially enthralling." ... The Writer's Digest